Technical Paint Process on BOSSXC at PPG | Road to Summernats Top 60 #45 | Ford Falcon Show Car

This episode focuses on the technical details of the paint process used in the painting of a Falcon sedan. It also has the Flow coat process in detail.
The work was preformed at PPG training centre at Eastern Creek in Sydney by PPG staff.
The following is the process, products and Equipment.
• Vibrance Hi build primer applied by Howard before going to PPG
• 180-240 dry 150mm 320 Dry
• WOW primer in High Build mode – IN SG6 Spectral Grey 6 (DP621, DP625, DP627)
• Guide coat – Blocked P320 dry – Rub deep into the peel
• Guide coat blocked P400 Dry – Remove P320 scratches
• 150 mm P400 Dry with interface pad on 5mm orbit / Spot prime rub throughs G6 Aersol (PPG Onechoice SUA460-G6) – remove linear / straight scrataches
• Light rub P800 dry with interface pad 150mm sander 5mm orbit – Final check and smooth out G6 aerosol without sanding through
• Clean with water metho cleaner SWX 250 / Followed by prepsol – Two types of contaminants needs two cleaners -R.G water meth removes sweat, prepsol does not.
• SATA X5500 HVLP 1.3 I – 2 Turns out from closed / 1.5 bar / Fan fully open – 1.0 bar for final drop/technique coat – slow thinner / Hardener as per PDS
• SATA X5500 RP 1.3I – 2 Turns out from closed / 2.2 bar / Fan fully open – D800 or DC 516 to seal of base fast hardener / medium thinner – get film hard and ready to sand for flow coat
• Use SATA X5500 RP -Reduced Pressure if using piston compressor – Atomises at a lower / reduced pressure vs HVLP – High Volume Low Pressure – Good with Screw compressor
• Flow coat Preparation
• Block clear P400 Dry
• 150 MM P400 no interface /P800 dry with interface followed by Abralon P1000 damp (clean water or metho water
• Clean with water metho cleaner SWX 250 / Followed by prepsol – Two types of contaminants needs two cleaners -R.G water meth removes sweat, prepsol does not.
• Clear coat – Vibrance Custom clear VCC580 mixed 2:1:0,9 –SATA x5500 RP – 1.2 Nozzle – 1.5 Turns out from closed / 2.6 bar / Fan fully open – Finer atomisation

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  1. Hi Howard, That blue is outstanding! You and the guys at PPG have left me amazed at just how much work goes into creating perfection. Bravo to the PPG boys! And looking forward to the next installment. Ps. We know somebody has put a blue bumper near a gorgeous blue falcon. Car'n Giss a squiz mate! lol

  2. Looks bloody amazing! That's why you are the falcon king! Apart from A.Moffat haha. As a painter i appreciate the work in cars like this. Looking forward to the finished product! Take care!

  3. Amazing video, thanks so much for all the info, a real eye opener to see how coarse the grit goes down to with the clear sanding. What a work of art, you have gotta be happy with the results man!!! Legendary stuff!!! All the best for the rest, certainly on the home straight now!! Wicked!!!

  4. I’m surprised it’s not in a fully enclosed trailer when you take it away.
    Would love to see it with my own eyes, but unless it’s coming to the U.K. my phone screen will have to do.

  5. Awesome episode Howard. The car is looking sensational. I have to ask, after all the hard work yourself and Darren have put in to this car, how are you going to feel when you have to hand this beauty over to it's owner? I know I don't think I would be able to.

  6. Unbelievable that you’re still going to hit it with sandpaper and polish it, already looks so smooth nothing would stick to it. Great informative video thanks Howard.

  7. Howard how did he not get overlap on the doors? I noticed that's were he finished the first coat , I've seen the Yanks start from the start with the car striped hey thanks if you could give sum tips

  8. Howard, thanks for your reply to my comment from the previous video. The additional explanation of the process and detail makes all the work and the little details that come together so wonderfully well makes all your hard work that much more special to the end result. The colour and finish is amazing! Pity these never came from the factory like this, but you're one of a kind.

  9. Loving the build series Howard, question please- when you say “ color sanding” is next now that it’s back in your workshop, what are you using and then how will you bring back the gloss in the clear ? Thanks

  10. As a painter myself even tho i havnt picked up a gun in 20yrs i moved onto civil construction for me is when the cars/shell is pained and when its done properly like this xc i could sit and look at it for days weeks months yrs with out anything else

  11. Mate, I almost choked up when you were in the booth on your own. I've painted for 25 years and have had a few moments like these. Not hundreds but certainly a few. Hat's off to you and your team. Also PPG, wow what an amazing colour. Bravo. Can't wait for the polishing episode. Thank you Howard and Co. Simply amazing

  12. Incredible work. Well done and thanks for sharing – very interesting to see the level of effort and hours that are invested into a paint job like this, it's truly mind-blowing and it looks spectacular.

  13. Awesome work boys. Lots of great in depth information for those guys wanting to know the proper procedures to take to get a better finish at home. With painting it always pays to be OCD clean with everything so you end up with a high grade finish. Paint refinishing technology has come along way in the last 10 years in my opinion.

  14. Hey Howard, a bit off topic but I've deskinned a bonnet I'm repairing and I'm wanting to know what you'd recommend for anti flutter foam for between the skin and frame any recommendations much appreciated cheers.

  15. Why did you not sand the guide coat off the primer completely? I heard you are meant to sand it off until you there is no sign of guide coat? Or was it not shown in the video?

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