Just A Lil Toot… Nitrous Purges are fun #shorts

I Called Out Ryan Martin FIRST Round at the No Prep Kings Finals in Texas for the Championship

What Happened at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Alabama….

Driving the repaired NPK Shocker to the Finals vs Lutz at No Prep Kings Rockingham North Carolina

Cutting my BRAND NEW race car to pieces… DISASTER two days before race day

Destroyed parts galore! We battle our way through rounds at No Prep Kings Norwalk Ohio Invitational

Nearly Crashed! Wheel broke off mid run! NPK Shocker takes a beating at No Prep Kings Ohio

Late night engine rebuild, racing Lizzy in her new loaner car at No Prep Kings Bandimere

Mile High problems! Doing Battle in the Great 8 at No Prep Kings Bandimere. Lizzy gets a new car

Making changes to Shocker before No Prep Kings Bandimere Colorado. Setting up our pit area

My fiance beat Ryan Martin but crashed her car, we went rounds & dunked Swanstrom in the dunk tank!

It all comes down to Claude in the final street race of End Game vs Vegas Locals behind the scenes

Street racing Claude Banks Regal vs 30 Las Vegas locals for Street Outlaws End Game

Taking on Ryan Martin in another final round and gapping Justin Swanstrom at No Prep Kings Idaho

Claude Banks Regal Races the End Game builders for $100,000 in an epic Las Vegas Showdown Kye Kelley

Shocker Makes Huge Progress Testing in Tulsa after Struggling with New Car Issues.

Testing Claude Banks Regal in Vegas for Street Outlaws End Game. Kye Kelley Racing

Shocker is making progress in the NO Prep Kings Tulsa Invitational Kye Kelley Racing

Debuting the NPK Shocker at Tulsa Great 8 w/ no testing time the hard truth, more trailer trouble

Finishing and testing the NPK Shocker for the first time! Preparing for No Prep Kings Tulsa

Claude Banks 1987 Buick Regal, Kye Kelley's Street Outlaws End Game daily driver build on the dyno

Aftershock's Musi 959 ci engine gets a refresh between races at Dennis Concrete in TN David Gates

SHOCKER is back! The new NPK Shocker built by Larry Jeffers is done, and here's your first look!

The new Shocker! Getting fitted for the new car being built by Wizard Race Cars

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