Street Outlaws vs. Australia! Race 1 Recap from Perth Motorplex with Murder Nova!

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Race 1 recap from Perth Motorplex with Murder Nova

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  1. Thanks for coming you guys are awesome. The guy helping you is Frank Marchese. He owns Dandy Engines. It's called Dandy Engines because it's located in Dandenong which is a suburb of Melbourne. Australians just shorten Dandenong to Dandy much like you guys shorten Philadelphia to Philly. He's a great guy to have helping you. An amazing engine builder and tuner. This is his SBF powered leaf spring 6 second steel body Falcon.

  2. ( BIG TYRE DONT MAKE MUCH DIFFERENCE . he he he . ive heard it all ). enjoy your stay with us here in australia . p.s. i run a 28 x 10.5 and i understand your pain , ( stay safe brother )

  3. When you guys were doing npk in Tucson az last year the line thing happened to me 4 times. You got said it was the back of the line I said okay and started to walk away and he told 2 other guys the same thing and they got so fucking mad. It's like I understand you got shit to do. I never got to meet you guys but maybe next time you guys are in AZ I'll try again!

  4. Whoever the guy was last year can't recall his name at NPK, but the dude was respectful telling me and my girl this was the end of Shawn's line, I believe it was his cousin. No issues or need to raise hell, this is business at the end of the day.

  5. I love every thing yall do would watch u race a dam bicycle i love all the content no matter what it is only thing i didnt like was no one showing ryans wreck or talking about it really but i guess they have to keep some shit secret good luck keep giving them hell

  6. Im new to Murder Nova 🙂 but the video of it being painted it was high gloss but in aust it looks matt ? Or is it 2 differant cars ?

  7. I'm just a normal person that watch a lot of America street racing wy don't you try long travel front struts if you look at Billy's Nova from street racing channel how much travel he has I think your 60 foot will be much better. Big fan from South Africa

  8. Phantom I live in Texas. I'm pulling for you and Shawn to win. Oklahoma better represent. I don't of anyone over there who's representing for Texas.

  9. Frank from Dandy's is a really nice bloke. I've been a customer and worked for one of Frank and Lou's custom parts suppliers for 25yrs.

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