Radial TNT Day + Track Talk…Trojan Horse pt.81

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PO Box 20056
Pensacola,FL 32524

Fed-Ex or Brown Truck:
7150 Tippin ave #20056
Pensacola,FL 32524

Trojan NEW combo:
gazillion mile stock ’89 5.0 shortblock
’85 GT dizzy/MSD 6al
Hobo perimeter plate nitrous (not installed)
Vic Jr.
stock gt40 3 bar heads/upgraded springs/1.7 rockers
“Mystery” cam (.509/.509 lift)
longtubes/3″ bullets
stock clutch/T5/hurst shifter
stock front suspension/4cyl struts/moroso springs lol
solid lower rear arms/comp 3-way shocks
31 spline axles/carrier/4.10 gears
space saver fronts/26×10 m/t stiff walls
msd 6al/85 GT dizzy/elec fan/race crank pulley/elec water pump
2800 race weight
Best et: 7.25@92.93



  1. Trojan's getting a straight axle. Calling it now. Must say the in car camera angle and that helmet gives a two-lane blacktop ending vibe. Better days are def ahead for the old horse.

  2. Man, I get where you are coming from. I still think that the TNT days should be one slick lane and one radial lane. JMO. It is what it is now. But in the end, it was still a victory!!! No broken parts and made it home on its own power!!! Driver did a good job!!!

  3. I feel yah by then end of this year Arizona will only have 1 drag strip when I started racing in 2005 we had 5 and the municipalities are responsible for all of the closures

  4. I already had three cans of Dew today, and I have to get SOME sleep tonight. So, with that being said, I was not a participant in the Dew Strike this evening. I did Crack open a bottle of water with ya. I'm not worthy!

  5. Never stop rowing the gears!
    I'm curious to how the Albuquerque Dragstrip is going to react to the turdbirds manual shifting madness.
    I bet the drive gave you plenty of time to think and listen to that sweet sweet music Trojan performs.

  6. Rodney, you gotta get that 2 step wired in off your clutch switch and either the button on your knob or a button on the steering wheel to make it an easier routine. I have mine off a relay tied into my clutch switch that gets activated by a steering wheel button as long as the clutch pedal is all the way in. Once the clutch is fully disengaged, it deactivates it.

  7. Great in car video !! To bad about the ignition system problem. Our local track is probably the best it has ever been as far as the crew and the pride of how much they take care of it. South eastern gassers are some really cool guys & gals!! I have a friend that runs the gasser circuit. His car is pretty dang famous.
    Thank for all the great videos.

  8. I'd put the light on the other plug wires to see if they're consistent. Then I'd check for corrosion on the cap and make sure the distributor bushings are okay

  9. that track day montage was pretty classic haha. theyre scared of the stick dude, dr fear called ahead. the view in car with the track was awesome in this video. cheers to you for not having the best time and just hitting some licks anyway. track always seems great, just bad timing. hopefully you be able to get it in soon.

  10. Every time I have 2 step issues
    the module went bad(mostly built after 2015) or it is a ground issue. I cleaned the ground and added an extra block ground and it started working and hasn't quit.

  11. Those kinds of days can be so frustrating. Even with my (not very fast) car I have those days where traction is a problem and it ends up being a waste of time and money. Throughout all of that I still have love for and appreciate my local home track (Milan Dragway). They were shut down for a season and it was pretty worrisome as to if they would open back up. Fortunately, someone bought it, and the new owners are doing an awesome job with it. It is so much nicer than it was before. I haven't raced in a couple years since my car has been part for repairs and upgrades. I CANNOT wait to get back out this year and make some laps. Trojan is still my favorite. Keep on keeping on!!!!!! Almost forgot- "FIRST"!!!!!!

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