1. I've been following and racing in no prep since 2009 and I've never seen as much hate from fans and drivers for a group of radial racers coming to no prep maybe it's the Duck thing or the Bird Brothers thing but it's crazy!

  2. How can you be so big headed after winning a race that was not even heads up?
    Come on Jerry was been sportsman like and having some shits and giggles and you go take it to another level.
    And then challenge him to small tyres so basically asking him to slow down for you?
    If you were any kind of racer you go put on big tyres and lets see how much crap you can talk.
    Hope we never see you on streel outlaws again!

  3. I like seeing the bond between the Preston brothers doing something they both love and with a great team behind them its a blessing living the dreams y’all are killing it. Enjoy watching

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