1. Scenery shot around 11:08 is awesome!!! They should have raced the Aussie grey Mustang in the grudge races instead of sitting him in the Outlaw support class. I'm guessing the Discovery channel guys didn't want too many fast Australian cars in the mix.

  2. Great footage Bro- your camera set up is quality for sure and looks like you spend a lot of time on editing , your work is Quality for sure- If i were a little closer than 7800 miles away I'd be there lol – most of the time vids like this are crap quality or 1 min. clips not even worth watching – Hope your channel Blows up Bro!!! you deserve it-

  3. I wish the npk guys all would have brought their npk cars over to Australia where you could see how fast Ryan's ,kye's Lizzy's npk cars really are but I understand giving the back tire and the hit is really hard to make sure the fans get to see competitive races I guess is why most of them just took their street cars

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