With all my trips to the 1/8 mi and 1/4 mi drag strip, I’ve been able to hit 109mph about 3 or 4 times, 108mph multiple times, and 105-107 the rest. I’ve hit 109mph on 2 different drag strips 3 hrs apart from from each other. For those who haven’t seen my other videos and are wondering what my quarter mile is, I’ve made 11 total quarter-mile passes, six of them have been 10.4 and the best 10.44@134mph. The curb weight of a C8Z is 3700+ lbs, and I weigh 200lbs. My car dyno’d at 617 RWHP on one Dyno and 598 RWHP on another. The car is on a 20″ drag radial till I find a 18″ wheel that will fit over the carbon ceramic brakes. I’m learning more and more about the car but still pleasantly surprised on how it’s so quick. Check out this video to watch it rip! #c8z06 #c8 #z06



  1. The car is performing great! I think the 305s are probably as much as you need. With a proper set of wheels with correct offset, a 305 seems to be doing well with grip maybe some 315s or 325s would help a bit more but could be slightly heavier. Due to the larger carbon ceramic rotors, i will not be getting carbon ceramics on mine so i can fit an 18" wheel similar to the stingrays drag packs.

  2. Yes quick 1/4 miles are OK, but it's really a Road Racing car. Being a racer I'd like to see your do the ESSs at VIR. I've raced there and all my SCCA friends who have say a good driver can do the ESSs with out lifting. The C&D guys in their tests lifted and still claimed the best lap time ever. So man, bring that car east to a couple of real tracks. VIR & The Glen.

  3. Jesse, I usually show at least 1 to 2 MPH more on my time slips in the right lane with similar ET's and 60's in either. Think they may need to do calibration for the MPH.

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