Doing the 2-Step but Timing is Everything :) Trojan Horse pt.80

Trojan NEW combo:
gazillion mile stock ’89 5.0 shortblock
’85 GT dizzy/MSD 6al
Hobo perimeter plate nitrous (not installed)
Vic Jr.
stock gt40 3 bar heads/upgraded springs/1.7 rockers
“Mystery” cam (.509/.509 lift)
longtubes/3″ bullets
stock clutch/T5/hurst shifter
stock front suspension/4cyl struts/moroso springs lol
solid lower rear arms/comp 3-way shocks
31 spline axles/carrier/4.10 gears
space saver fronts/26×10 m/t stiff walls
msd 6al/85 GT dizzy/elec fan/race crank pulley/elec water pump
2800 race weight
Best et: 7.25@92.93



  1. Rodney, It took forever for you to go from EFI to a carb, but once you did there was no going back. Same thing is going to happen once you go to a 351 ;).. PS:.. Put the big block in the Dirty Pickle!!!!

  2. Trojan is sorting out really well. He should respond well to the spool and better uppers. That might shave a bit off your 60 ft since you aren't dumping energy into heating clutches and deforming bushings. Then again you may have to adjust to keep from spinning the tires if my logic is correct. Science!

  3. I usually watch on my phone, but it does look a lot better on the Tv.. Trojan is looking and sounding good again! Come on 7.19 ! 7.18 ! 7.17 !

  4. Engine is so worn I would be willing to try a few things. Cleaning the upper cylinder with Seafoam to get carbon off the compression rings. Running a heavier oil. A voodoo priest and a live chicken.

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