CHUTES out ON THE STREET!!!! 1200hp turbo TA rips!!!


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  1. The only bad thing about a T-top car those are two more things that you have to worry about blowing off the car if you're making a low 5s or a high 4s pass in the 8th if you have a set of fiberglass or carbon fiber doors on the car and you all of a sudden get alot of cabin pressure not only would you have to worry about the doors flying off the car and into the crowd somewhere or on the track and they come down right in front or on top of the car you are beside but you also have to worry about the T-tops coming up and off the car and wherever they land they are guaranteed to shatter into a million pieces unless you have them remade from Optic Armor lexan or you delete them altogether by putting a carbon fiber roof panel on the car but that can get quite pricey depending on who you get to do it but either way when it comes to stuff like that you want the best in the business to do it so you don't have anything to worry about someone like Cameron Johnson or Steven at Rock Solid Motorsports and if you get a carbon fiber roof panel put on unless you are trying to run in ASAG class you might as well get them to put a set of carbon fiber doors, deck lid and front clip and put Optic Armor lexan windows in the car as well and make it as light as you can get it and what works in your favor is that most Firebird's weigh close to 3000lbs from the factory especially the later years of the 3rd Gen like the 89-92 years because Billy the Kid bought one for his girlfriend Motorsports Molly and at factory weight he put it on the scales and it weighed 3000lbs even I think with him in it so in my opinion that body style of Firebird would be great to build a lightweight drag car out of and you wouldn't have to take a crazy amount of weight out of the car in order to get it to be lightweight and it would be easy to get it to around 2000lbs as a roller and then when you add everything in it the car would still be relatively light as long as you put carbon fiber body panels on the car chromoly cage and as much billet as you can and if you don't keep up with Lutz Race Cars you should go watch the video of where they took an all billet 4.6 bore space SBC 496cid and compared it to an all cast aluminum 540cid BBC and even though the BBC didn't have all it's parts on it and the billet SBC did and the billet SBC was still lighter by almost 100lbs and in the end it will probably make more horsepower than the cast aluminum BBC will

  2. Too bad the Firebird is a giveaway car now because I would say put a Stage 3 427cid Black Sheep engine in it and a 3 speed TH400 with a bolt together converter and a Gear Vendors Overdrive behind it and maybe even put a 4link rear suspension in it and get rid of the T-tops and put a carbon fiber roof panel on it and put a Motion Raceworks steering column and steering wheel as long as it is 25 years or older so you can put antique tags on the car and don't have to worry about it passing inspection and get it as light as you can then take it on some Drag and Drive events and you can put it in an 8th mile class or if you are feeling spicy you can put it in the Unlimited class if you can get it to run low 6s in the ¼ but you also have to see if you can get the radial 275 record for drag and drive events and the radial record on 275s in the 8th and ¼ at World Cup because a Foxbody Mustang with a Procharged Hemi has the radial record for the ¼ on 275s so you can take Slick Rick and get that record back for the Chevrolet fans and then on Sick Week the Snot Rocket took the Drag and Drive event record on 275s in a S550 Mustang with a Coyote and twins and he averaged low 6s and he ran faster than Cleetus in Mullet until Mullet blew up and ended the week early but Cleetus beat him at this past FL2K

  3. Great looking giveaway and you are very right I have one of your first shirts of blacksheep and it still looks great and they do run small one size larger is dead on. Going to meet you guys one day . Stay safe hammer down brother!!

  4. Let us know when you start using shirts that fit bigger shoulders/chest and sleeves that don’t go halfway up your bicep. I’ll start buying . Thanks

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