Big Money Race Against Brittany Force

The $80,000 NHRA All Star Race takes place during qualifying and Brittany Force called me out so I called right back with a $1000 dollar side bet. We both agreed to give the money to charity no matter who won. First race of the year is here !!! #car #racing #problem

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  1. That was going to be a real close win or loss, but real close either way.. My guess is you could have pulled it off had the valve clip not gone snap… This is going to be a great season, I can already tell.. Rick thanks for taking this group under your wing, I truly believe your going to have a real chance at winning a whole lot of races this year…!!

  2. you're an inspiration, not only with racing but your attitude and energy you have. ultra respect and im a huge fan. love the vidoes, not many get to see behind the scenes of this high level of racing.

  3. Here is the difference between NHRA drivers and NASCAR drivers. Friendly rivalry versus NASCAR, where the drivers routinely wreck each other and get into fist fights. Sportsmanship is huge at an NHRA race. If a low buck team needs parts or manpower to get to the next round, those they are racing against will send them the parts they need and mechanics to help. Ever see that at a NASCAR race?

  4. "it's always a tough pick.." No it's not, you want the person who qualified worst, it's an absolute no brainer. If you goal is to win, you have to pick the person you think you have the best opportunity against. Why even pretend that it is anything else.

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